About Our School

School History and Philosophy:

The Sonoma-Marin School of Real Estate was founded in 1990 with the goal of providing our students with the best Real Estate Educational Materials available. Since then, we have been continuously upgrading our course material, drawing on our years of experience, to select the very Best Real Estate Textbooks and Prep Materials in order to provide our students with an outstanding educational experience. Our textbooks will be a great addition to your Real Estate Reference Library.

Our Courses are by correspondence, a teaching method that we feel best fits most students. There are no classes to attend (or to miss when your schedule gets busy), and we don’t ask you to spend hours sitting at your computer reading an online “text”. Our students work at their own pace, in the comfort of their home. In fact, we encourage you to find a comfortable chair while completing your coursework!

Our Course Format:

All courses include our course specific textbook, Study Guide, Instructions on how to complete the course, and an open book final exam, consisting of 100 multiple choice questions, with a passing grade of 60%.You have up to three hours to complete the final exam, which may be taken through our Online Testing Center, or with a monitor in your area. If you fail the final exam on your first attempt, you must wait 18 days (CAL BRE rule) to re-take the exam, and there is a $15 administrative fee. There are no assignments to hand in to the school. Chapter Quizzes provided with our Study Guide include an answer key, allowing the student to grade themselves and enhance their learning. The California Bureau of Real Estate mandates that you must have the course materials for at least 18 days before you are eligible to take the final exam. Our school gives you up to one year to complete the course, after which time you must re-enroll .

Refund Policy:

Under State of California rules, students have the right to cancel an enrollment contract with this school by written notice, either by certified mail, or brought to the school in person, until midnight of the 8 th calendar day after course materials are received by you, or delivered to the address you provided. If we have received all course materials back in re-sellable condition, the course fees paid will be refunded (within 30 days) less an administrative and restocking fee not to exceed 35% of the total course fee. This school does not participate in the student tuition recovery program. We are registered with the State of California. Registration means we have met certain minimum standards imposed by the state for registered schools on the basis of our written application to the state. Registration does not mean we have met all of the more extensive standards required by the state for schools that are approved to operate or licensed, or that the state has verified the information we submitted with our registration form. Any questions or problems concerning this school, which have not been satisfactorily answered or worked out with school officials, should be directed to the Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education in the Department of Consumer Affairs, 400 R Street, Suite 5000, Sacramento, Ca 95814 (916) 445-3427. Additionally, the California Department of Real Estate provides a voluntary opportunity to evaluate courses online, which may be found at www.dre.ca.gov. Please contact our school should you have any questions or comments.

What Our Students Say...

"Your courses are well written, clear and precise. I was well prepared for the State Exam. I am now 76 years old and recently passed the State Exam on the first try. Soon after, I received my first commission check!""
Gonzalo, Real Estate Salesperson