Super Exam Prep Package Super Exam Prep Package

Super Exam Prep Package


1. California Real Estate FINAL EXAMS textbook.

  • 1500 of the latest State Exam questions organized into 10 Simulated Practice Tests.
  • Answer Key features highly detailed explanations to help you “learn as you go”

2. How to Pass the California Real Estate Exam Now in it’s seventh edition, this interactive CD offers a powerful tool to help you to pass the state exam!

  • Extensive review of key points of the basics of real estate
  • Special section on real estate math
  • Comprehensive glossary of real estate terms
  • Five practice tests which simulate the state exam
  • All designed to help you be fully prepared for the state exam

3. Our “How to Best Prepare for Passing the State Exam” guide.

  • Our exclusive step by step "Blueprint for Success" on the State Exam.
  • Suggested methods for review that build knowledge.
  • How to get the most out of your Practice Exams.
  • Developed and refined over our 15 years of successfully educating Real Estate Professionals.

4. Plus: ADDED BONUS… Our exclusive CRAM SHEETS: an extensive up-to-date listing of facts, definitions, and key points to help prepare you for PASSING the California Real Estate Exam. Chock full of the hottest facts in an easy to review format.

Price: $99.00