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Frequently Asked Questions

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California Real Estate Sales License
How do I get started with my Real Estate Career?

Your first step in getting a California Real Estate Salesperson’s license is to meet the educational requirements and enroll with a school offering courses which have been approved by the California Bureau of Real Estate. We are a state of California approved school and all our courses have been extensively reviewed and Approved by the California Bureau of Real Estate. The Educational Requirements are that you must pass a DRE approved course in Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Practice, and a third approved course of your choosing prior to applying for the State Exam. Click here to review the options we offer, and thank you for choosing our school.

Are there other requirements for a California Real Estate License?

Besides taking a course in Real Estate Principles and passing the State Exam, the general requirements are that license applicants must be at least 18 years old and provide proof of legal presence in the United States. For a complete list of requirements, click here to visit the DRE website.

Are your courses approved by the State?

Yes, all of our courses have been extensively reviewed and approved by the California Bureau of Real Estate. We are also a State Of California Approved School. You may enroll with our school with full confidence that you will receive quality education with fully approved courses.

How difficult are your courses?

Our courses are not difficult to pass. The Final Exam for our courses consists of 100 multiple choice questions, and it is an Open Book Online Exam.

How difficult is the State Exam?

The State Exam is not easy, generally the state-wide pass rate hovers around 50%. A focused preparation is highly recommended.

How do I best prepare for taking the Real Estate Salesperson's State Exam?

To prepare for passing the State Exam, we recommend two things.  First, as you complete the required coursework prior to applying for the State Exam, work through the material in the course textbooks with focus.  Use our Study Guide and the Chapter review information to learn the material, and re-test yourself until you have a good understanding.  Second, use our Exam Prep Materials to help you prepare for the State Exam.  The State Exam includes a wide range of information, some of which will not be found in your course textbooks.  Click here for State Exam Content from the CA DRE website.

How much time do I have to complete your courses?

The California Bureau of Real Estate mandates that no statutory course may be completed in less than 18 days. If you are taking three courses, the minimum time to complete would be 54 days.  It is fine to work at a slower pace if that better fits your schedule. We give our students up to one year to complete a course.

What is the format of your courses?

Our school philosophy is that people going into Real Estate are typically either working another job at the same time they are studying, or are looking to start a new career in Real Estate as soon as possible. Either way, our correspondence format allows the student to work at their own pace, in the comfort of their home. You may complete our courses in as little as 18 days, or take up to a full year. Each course has the best text book we can find on the subject, a course specific Study Guide with assignments to test and enhance your understanding of the material. There are no assignments or quizzes to submit to the school. Once you have completed the coursework, you will take an open-book final exam. After passing our final exam, we will issue you a Certificate of Completion, which serves as your proof with the Bureau of Real Estate for meeting the course requirement.

What are the three courses required for a Real Estate Salesperson's License?

You must successfully complete approved courses in Real Estate Principles and Real Estate Practice. There are options on the third course. We typically recommend Finance, Appraisal, or Legal as being the most relevant to preparing for the State Exam.

What is the difference between a Real Estate Salesperson's License and a Broker's License?

The Salesperson’s License permits you to work in a field of real estate only under the supervision of a Broker. The Broker’s License permits you to work independently, and represent yourself in real estate transactions. The Broker’s License also allows you to open your own office and hire sales agents to work under your supervision.

How long does it take to get a Sales License?

You should plan on a minimum of 75 days. The DRE requires that correspondence courses not be completed in less than 18 days per course.  So to complete the three courses will take a minimum of 54 days.  After completing the courses, you may apply to take the State Exam.  Availability of Exam Dates varies, but it will likely be between 2-5 weeks from the date of your State Exam Application.

Why should I choose your school for my real estate coursework?

We have been educating California Real Estate Professionals since 1990, and our years of experience allows us to provide High Quality Educating at a very reasonable price.  We go to great lengths to provide Top Quality Textbooks, and all our courses include a Study Guide to go with the text. 

May I bypass the Salesperson's License and go directly to getting a Broker's License?

Yes, if you meet the qualifications. Check our Broker information page.

California Real Estate Broker's License
What are the requirements for a Real Estate Broker's License in California?

The California Bureau of Real Estate requires applicants for a Real Estate Broker's License to have a minimum of two years full time employment as a Real Estate Salesperson within the past five years, OR a four year degree which includes either a major or minor in Real Estate.

What are the educational requirements for a California Real Estate Broker's License?

The BRE requires that Broker’s license applicants have completed 8 Statutory Courses prior to taking the Broker’s Exam. Visit our Broker’s License information page for complete details.

General Questions
Are your courses approved by the California Bureau of Real Estate?

Yes, all courses we offer have been examined, reviewed, and fully approved by the California Bureau of Real Estate. Additionally, we are a State of California Approved School.

How do your courses work?

Our School Philosophy is to tailor our courses to best serve the needs of our students. We find that our students typically fit into two categories:

  1. Many of our students are in a big hurry to get started with their real estate career. Our correspondence style courses fit this need perfectly, as you may complete one of our statutory courses in 18 days (minimum time allowed by the California Bureau of Real Estate). Continuing Education requirements may be met even faster! Our course format offers the fastest time available to get started with you new career.
  2. Alternatively, many of our students are working to advance their real estate career goals around an already busy schedule, and prefer the flexibility which allows them to study as time allows.  Our school format fits this scenario equally well. Our school is designed to allow you to study and learn at your pace, in the comfort of your home. There are no classes to attend (or miss as conflicts arise!), and no assignments to hand in. You choose your study time to fit your schedule.   We allow up to one year from your enrollment date to complete a course. We also don’t ask you to spend hours sitting at your computer…find a comfortable chair!

Our courses are all by correspondence. We provide you with the highest quality textbook available for the subject, a study guide to test and enhance your knowledge, and then you take an Open Book Final Exam. It’s as easy as that!

Top Ten Reasons TO Choose Our School

  1. Our California Real Estate License School provides quality Study Materials-including the absolute Best Textbook available for each subject - great additions to your Real Estate Reference Library.

  2. Our courses have Open-Book Final Exams, with a passing grade of just 60%, allowing you to easily meet the California Real Estate License Requirement.

  3. Our Courses have been extensively reviewed and Approved by the California Bureau of Real Estate. We are a State Of California Approved Real Estate School.

  4. Study at your own pace, in the comfort of your home. We allow you to complete the course in as little as 18 days (California Bureau of Real Estate minimum), or as much as one year!

  5. No classes to attend—or miss with your busy schedule. We bring our California Real Estate School to you!

  6. We have been educating California Real Estate Professionals since 1990. We have a time-proven program to help you quickly and efficiently achieve your California real estate license goals.

  7. Our quality education means our students are well prepared for passing the California Real Estate License Exam. We have an exceptionally high first time pass rate

  8. We offer a full range of quality courses, including California Real Estate Broker’s License, California Real Estate Sales Agent License, and California State Exam Prep materials.

  9. Take your course final exam online, on your schedule.

  10. Avoid endless hours sitting at your computer completing an "online course". We encourage you to study in a comfortable chair!